Vero Vida Vacation Rentals

Located in coastal South East Florida, Vero Beach boasts pristine beaches and a relaxed, kicked-back town vibe. Vero Vida Vacation Rentals hosts beautiful properties in the area for weekly and monthly rental.


The Discovery process revealed that their existing company name would not be conducive to setting the tone for “vacation” branding. Next, the strategy for their website was to drive traffic and inquire about the rental properties, reducing the dependence of bookings on the large inventory rental websites.


Vero Vida Vacation Rentals is the name we created to represent their location and what they do. Keeping in mind SEO, their new company name is perfect for search engines.  The branding exudes the happy, peaceful feeling one experiences while on vacation.  While keeping with the vacation feel, the website displays large, beautiful photos of the properties and their surroundings. To increase conversions, we placed inquiry forms on all property pages. For added value we included a recommended comprehensive “Things to Do” list.


Vero Vida Vacation Rentals saw an 79% increase of traffic to their website. Much of the traffic is from the organic search engines.