eLearning Modules

eLEARNING MODULES are interactive online training modules to educate a large number of people simultaneously.


With so many makes and models, it is important to keep the Dealer Community abreast of new models, technical changes, and service points for customers. Throughout the years it has been Macro Communications’ priority to produce and distribute information in a cohesive, user-friendly, and cost effective way. Prior to internet, we had created VHS packages and that led to DVD presentation packages. These days the internet is the quickest, most efficient method of creating and distributing important technical information.


Collaborating with skilled technical instructors to develop the lesson plan for each module, the Macro team is able to develop a user-friendly interface and create animated mechanics to show processes. Our technology enables Toyota to track the functional testing process. This technology allows Toyota to gather test results of their Service Technicians and analyze the effectiveness of the training session.


Speaking in today’s terms, Macro Communications has developed online training modules for Service Technicians. These training modules have the capability of teaching, training and, finally, testing the each technician. Each technician logs into the system, reviews the material and is tested on their knowledge. This cohesive, user-friendly, and cost effective system has opened the information highway for Toyota and been a substantial cost savings in the long run.